Advanced Support & Security

Manufacturer: RyanTech
SKU: rt-as&s

Our Advanced Support offering was developed to combat the many attacks happening to businesses. With hackers becoming more intelligent we must become more proactive. Our goal is to implement the tools and train your leadership to make your team more successful.

Our Advanced Support expands on basic support by stopping threats at the source. If a user makes a mistake and compromises their account, the threat cannot spread. We put tools, automation, and hands on monitoring in place to head off a threat and fail safes to avert a companywide disaster.

•Access to our Office 365 Help Desk
•Office 365 Product adoption
•Office 365 Training
•Office 365 and Azure license consultation
•Access to our cloud portfolio of solutions
•Proactive email phishing and spam monitoring
•Office 365 Security Score assessment
•Increased toolbox of reporting and security resources
•Setup fail-safes to prevent unwanted access when a password is compromised
•Modify security configuration of Office 365 environment
•Advanced training for admins on improved login configuration, with documentation and tools for training others

Why was this added to my cart for Office 365?

Our support offering enables you to take full advantage of your Office 365 along with enhanced security and break fix support. If you're looking for just licensing, please reach out to us on our live chat as we require support from website purchases. 

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