WiFi Off the Beaten Path |

When we build out network infrastructures, we use tools based in the Cloud allowing us to reliably manage your system, even when you're on a farm. Steadfast Farm is a two-acre bio-intensive market farm that we sent internet signal to, built an enterprise level WiFi infrastructure, and backed up with a redundant fail over connection.

We Call it Cloud Continuity.

We've designed a way to keep your landline internet connection online at all times and WHEN your internet service provider goes down, you'll automatically switch over to a wireless connection while we work together to get your primary connection back online. We've helped big companies, small companies, and as you just heard; businesses off the beaten path. And we can help you.

Find out more about Steadfast Farm here.

If you’re looking to power your business or startup with email, any of Microsoft’s suite of Cloud offerings managed by us, network infrastructure, Azure architecture, or application development, then we’re here to help.

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